Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) is an initiative of the Government of Kerala to promote Blockchain Activities in the State. KBA has trained and certified over 1500 individuals.

Upskill Your Career In Blockchain

There is no doubt that the emergence of revolutionary Blockchain Technology gave birth to a new technological era. A dawn of new beginnings with improved transaction proceeds was witnessed with the evolution of blockchain. Very much like the internet, distributed ledger technology spread like wildfire and got widely and intrinsically adopted by various business domains. From health care to defense, real estate to supply chain, there is no industry today that hasn’t tasted the nectar of blockchain.

News has been abuzz on wide adoption of this tech, greater collaborations, and partnerships leading to new dimensions of blockchain potentials. Owning to its myriad uses cases, blockchain technology is highly pampered and constantly endorsed by global leaders and tech enthusiasts. Indeed blockchain is indicated to be the next big bang revolution in history.

Blockchain as a Career

The wide possibility of blockchain to erase many traditional constraints of business has gathered much crowd around it. Today there is stirred up demand for Blockchain-related jobs as many have realized the enthusiasm for this technology in various business use cases. If one would search for credibility, he may come across many statistics giving straight inclination to the rising demand of the blockchain-related career. For instance, the freelance worker’s hub, Upwork has listed Blockchain as one of the fastest-growing skills for 2020, similarly, the Tech Crunch reporting Blockchain to be the second-fastest growing discipline in the job market.

With the rising prominence of Blockchain, the demand for blockchain professionals is also soaring.

However, no matter blockchain adorn the tech basket, the job sector is purely new and career path never explored before. It’s still in its infancy. Therefore it can be both challenging and experimentative to start a career in this field.

Understanding the extensive possibilities of Blockchain Technology and equally realizing its potential to disrupt the labor market, Kerala Blockchain Academy(KBA) has come up with various Blockchain Courses for blockchain aspirants.

Kerala Blockchain Academy, under the Indian Institute of Information and Technology and Management, is a Kerala Government undertaking with many international collaborations in hand. Right from its inception, KBA has been working for the public good, promoting research, development, and entrepreneurship. KBA offers various certification programs in Blockchain, running from basic to advanced ones. Both associate and architect level certificate programs of KBA is seen to be ideal for candidates who want to pursue their career in blockchain technology. The comprehensive syllabus compiled with exhaustive training, the courses offered by KBA intend to impart practical knowledge in Blockchain Technology. The courses include Certified Blockchain Associate, Certified Blockchain Business Professional, Certified Ethereum Developer, Certified Hyperledger Developer — Sawtooth, Certified Hyperledger Developer — Fabric, Certified Corda Developer, Certified Blockchain Architect, and other specialists programs such as Certified Blockchain Specialist in Supply Chain, Healthcare, etc.

How does it work?

To get enrolled for the blockchain courses offered by KBA, the students have to clear the entrance exam of Accelerated Blockchain Development (ABCD) Programme, facilitated by Govt. of Kerala. The students who clear the exam will be able to achieve Full-Stack Developer certification, provided by a consortium of ICT Academy and leading ICT organizations (TCS, UST Global, IBS & QuEST) in the state. The Full-stack certification is considered to be the pre-requisite for students to enter the blockchain development program.

Kerala Blockchain Academy offers a three-level blockchain training program — viz the Blockchain Associate Certification, Blockchain Developer Certification, and Blockchain Architect Certification.

If you are an experienced professional, you can also have the provision to enroll for the certification programs directly, but without availing any scholarships.

While the Blockchain Associate Program intends to offer a complete overview of Blockchain Technology and its implications in various business use cases, the lab intensive Blockchain Developer Training equips aspirants with the right blend of technical knowledge for entry-level job opportunities in Blockchain.

We are living in a technologically advanced time and there is a growing consensus of employee skills rather than the individual’s education. KBA courses can indeed be a stepping stone for your blockchain career, helping you stay updated with the developments in the field.

If you want to kickstart your blockchain career right away, firm the thought of enrolling yourself at Kerala Blockchain Academy. To know more, refer to our website, or call us at +91 471 27 84 145 / 154.




One-stop solution for quality blockchain education and research. Offers best in class blockchain certification programs in multiple blockchain domains.

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Kerala Blockchain Academy

Kerala Blockchain Academy

One-stop solution for quality blockchain education and research. Offers best in class blockchain certification programs in multiple blockchain domains.

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